Agrotourism Hotel in Corinth

Construction/ -

Designed/ 2022

Client/ Mourelatos & Sons S.A.

Plot/ 8,100.87 sq.m.

Area/ 538.13 sq.m.

Capacity/ 10 apartments - 40 beds

This unique hotel offers an alternative agrotourism experience, seamlessly blending into the landscape while complementing the adjacent snail farming activities of the owning company. The investment comprises 10 ground-floor quadruple apartments, a reception building, a restaurant building, a spa building, a storage building, a guard's residence, and two pools.

The buildings, divided into two clusters, follow the natural terrain's contours, maximizing green spaces and preserving the unspoiled beauty of the surroundings. The outdoor pathways connect different areas, with squares at key points like the reception, pool, and restaurant entrance. A visually striking bridge links the two clusters. Constructed mainly with wood and local stone, the buildings harmonize with the landscape, creating a sustainable and charming retreat for guests.