Alexandroupolis Hotel

Construction/ -

Designed/ 2020

Client/ Adamandios Papadopoulos

Plot/ 617.00 sq.m.

Area/ 1,299.65 sq.m.

Capacity/ 29 rooms - 94 beds

The new 3-star hotel is situated on a plot facing two roads, one in the front and one at the back, adjacent to the railway station and port of Alexandroupolis. It includes a basement for auxiliary spaces, a ground floor with pilotis and communal areas, four floors of rooms, and a fifth-floor roof garden for hotel guests. On the ground floor, to the southeast, the reception and breakfast area are located.

A central functional element of the architectural solution is the main passage for car entry, connecting the two parallel roads, accompanied by an outdoor space to the west for coffee, customer waiting, and bicycle parking, transforming the pilotis into an active space for the guests. This solution aims to facilitate traffic on the one-way perimeter roads of city block 321 and, ultimately, access to the hotel. The facade aesthetics follow clean lines, emphasizing the geometry of the volumes. The stairwell is anthracite, and the main facade features light gray, while the balconies and decorative sloping elements remain white to distinguish themselves and highlight their logic as continuous folded surfaces. The windows are in anthracite color, and the railings are glass with aluminum frames in the same color as the windows.