Residential building in Amber and Mitsotakis street

Construction/ 2022-in progress

Designed/ 2021

Client/ Feidias Construction

Plot/ 403.26 sq.m.

Area/ 1,289.79 sq.m.

This visionary project aims to create an inviting apartment complex, emphasizing architectural elements that elevate the urban living experience. Comprising 10 meticulously designed apartments, each space is crafted to optimize natural light, ventilation, and connectivity to the outdoors through strategically placed windows, balcony doors, and spacious terraces. Aesthetic simplicity takes center stage, with a minimalist design approach complemented by Mediterranean influences. This architectural fusion ensures a harmonious integration with the local environment while maintaining a contemporary and enduring allure.

The material palette selected includes white and dark gray thermal insulation paste for the volumes, along with dark gray aluminum openings and glazing for the railings. Additionally, a serene blue hue graces the fenestrations within the piloti, created by the beams of the load-bearing structure. To further enrich the visual experience, the lower sections of the balconies are adorned with wood, not only enhancing the living environment for residents but also contributing to the overall aesthetic ambiance for pedestrians strolling along the adjacent sidewalk to the apartment complex.