Tribe – Primal fitness

Construction/ 2022-2023

Designed/ 2022

Client/ Antonios Vasilakis

Plot/ 254.00 sq.m.

Area/ 209.79 sq.m

This project involved the metamorphosis of an erstwhile DVD club into an avant-garde fitness haven, replete with free weights. The design ethos seamlessly wove together modern and industrial aesthetics, ensuring a meticulous interplay of colors and materials harmonizing with the space's intended function.

The dynamic palette oscillating between white, charcoal, and turquoise, complemented by sleek black metallic elements, ebony flooring, the warmth of light-toned wood, and the juxtaposition of linear lighting, all fused with industrial nuances in gym apparatus and free weights, coalesce into a unified and functional tapestry. The renovation efforts extended to delicately restore the historic building, harking back to its origins before 1935.