Caldera Palace 5*

Construction/ 2019

Designed/ 2019

Client/ Κrommidakis hotel business S.A.

Plot/ 62,395.70 sq.m.

Area/ 40,538.37 sq.m.

Capacity/ 412 rooms - 1112 beds

The renovation of this exceptional tourist resort posed the most challenging endeavor undertaken by the Index-k team. In just 9 months, the entire process—from design and material selection and procurement to the competition for contractor partnerships—culminated in the delivery of 300 out of 412 rooms, bringing the entire facility into full operation. The remaining 112 rooms had been executed by our team in 2017, serving as a blueprint for the comprehensive refurbishment of the hotel.

The design follows a logic of boho-chic, seamlessly blending with more classical and timeless choices to craft a contemporary and luxurious room befitting the hotel's stature. The incorporation of tiles with marble and mosaic textures or natural stone, the use of oak in furnishings, and the infusion of modern touches in decor and furniture contribute to the realization of the objective, as reflected in customer feedback. Significant attention was given to the room's energy efficiency, achieved through the implementation of smart space management systems that can be controlled both by the guest and remotely.