Thalassa beach resort 5*

Construction/ 2022-2023

Designed/ 2022

Client/ Praxis S.A.

Plot/ 4,588.75 sq.m.

Capacity/ 83 rooms - 193 beds

This ongoing renovation unfolds in carefully planned stages, with the initial focus on revamping the bathrooms across all rooms. Acknowledging the pivotal role these spaces play in the overall guest experience, special emphasis has been placed on crafting a bathroom of utmost luxury in this project. The meticulous selection of materials, including pristine white marble and deep blue onyx presented in expansive tiles, serves a dual purpose.

Beyond mere spatial enhancement, addressing the challenge of limited natural light, it aspires to bestow upon each room a bathroom that not only rivals but surpasses the charm of the former classic yet opulent design. This thoughtful approach ensures a bathroom that resonates seamlessly with the discerning expectations of our clientele.